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Limited Registration~ Pet~ Spay/Neuter Contract 

 Thank you for choosing Charbain's Chihuahuas.

This sale of the Male/female Chihuahua microchip/tattoo number:


Name of Dog ( if applicable): ____________________________________________________________

Date of Whelp: _______________________________________________________________________

Name of Sire: ______________________________________Reg Number:________________________

Name of Dam: _____________________________________ Reg Number:________________________

Color( if applicable): __________________________________________________________________

is made upon the following terms and conditions as agreed to by Charmaine McBain hereafter referred to as seller,and ___________________________________________________ hereafter referred to as buyer.

1. The above described dog is a pure bred Chihuahua registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and / or United Kennel Club (UKC). Canadian Kennel Club dogs are then eligible for American Kennel Club (AKC) original papers if the buyer requires them. The cost of these AKC papers will be the responsibility of the buyer.

a. The price of $__________________ to be paid immediately upon the purchase of the above mentioned Chihuahua, hereafter referred to as dog.

b. Seller may, at her discretion, keep possession of dog until full purchase price has been paid or in the case of payment with a cheque, until the buyer’s cheque has cleared the bank. Seller will, at her discretion, keep registration papers until documentation of spay/neuter has been provided to seller, after dog’s age of 6 months.

c. Seller will void all guarantees if this contract is not signed and postmarked within 10 days of purchase date. If buyers cheque is returned NSF or this contract is not returned within 30 days, seller has the right to repossess above dog, all return costs at buyers expense.

2. Seller warrants that a veterinarian examined the dog on ____________________ and has certified that the dog is in good health and not suffering from any medical ailments or life threatening conditions. Buyer should have dog checked by a veterinarian within 2 working days of purchase, or receipt of dog, to ensure that dog is normal and healthy. Seller’s responsibility for life threatening communicable disease is void if not reported to seller within 3 days of purchase. A signed veterinary statement with diagnosis, diagnostic test results, veterinarians state or province of licenser and license number must be delivered to seller within 5 days of buyers receipt of dog. It should be faxed, to insure time constraints.

Either a full refund or replacement of dog will be provided to buyer from seller upon written confirmations of any life threatening communicable disease contracted prior to purchase, or upon diagnosis of a genetic problem, which will impair the dog’s health or quality of life. IF puppy is diagnosed with luxating patella's by buyer's vet within 2 working days of purchase, or receipt of dog,and confirmed by a second vet, this is then covered by the guarantee. However, luxating patella's developing after this time are considered to be a result of injuries and are not covered by the guarantee. Dog must be returned to breeder/seller within 6 days of receipt of dog. Refund is contingent on dog being returned to seller in the same condition that it left seller’s property, absent prior exposure to communicable disease and its effects. If buyer fails to provide the proper protection of dog from contagious diseases, or dog was exposed to contagious disease which has a period of contractibility within the receipt of purchase and delivery of dog, seller responsibility is void. The seller reserves the right to refuse refund and replacement if there is no confirmation of the diagnosis with seller’s veterinarian. Falsification of illness shall allow seller repossession of dog. Expense of examination, and returning dog to breeder/seller is the sole responsibly of the buyer.

3. If, during the first 12 months of dog’s life, dog develops a documented life threatening hereditary or congenital defect, which significantly affects the health or the quality of dog’s life, the dog will be replaced with another dog when one is available. In order to obtain a replacement dog, buyer must return dog to seller with a signed veterinary statement, with the veterinarian’s state or province of licenser and license number as well as the tests, confirming diagnosis. Seller will seek diagnosis with one or more veterinary specialists, for confirmation of diagnosis, before replacement of dog. A malnourished, obese, or abused condition will void replacement of dog. Seller is not responsible for reimbursement of accumulated expenses, or transportation costs, only for the replacement of dog, when a dog is available. Replacement of the dog will hopefully be made within a 9 month period. The seller does not guarantee against hypoglocemia, as it can be offset by multiple daily feedings.This DOES NOT COVER the following Minor flaws or any condition that is minor and those that can be corrected by Veterinarian intervention.
Open Fontanelle: also know as a Molera (A soft spot on top of the head),This spot may or may not grow completely closed in the chihuahua. It is not a genetic defect but a unique feature of the chihuahua.
Charbain Kennels cannot guarantee sizes as adults, I give estimated guesses, the size chart posted on some website are not always correct ... Some chihuahuas puppies can just stop growing and others get larger then expected.
Trachea: Small breeds do sometimes develop a peculiar cough, this is due to the collapse of tracheal rings, it can be annoying to the owner of the dog, but is not life threatning to the dog.
Hernias (of any kind)
Testicals (not descending)

4a. Buyer agrees to provide routine care of dog, which must include a veterinarian recommended immunization and health care program, including, preventive heart worm medication, de-worming, flea and tick preventative medication. Dog should be kept free of internal and external parasites. Buyer must also provide a proper environment: food of sufficient quality and quantity to keep dog in optimum condition, clean water, adequate shade and shelter to protect from elements, preferably with a fenced in yard and adequate exercise. Chihuahuas are to be kept inside, and not made to sleep outside or live outside under any circumstances.

b. Buyer agrees to provide a loving and nurturing home for dog, free of physical and / or mental abuse and / or mishandling by adults and / or children (according to sellers standard). If seller is notified of abuse or mishandling of above dog, seller has the right to send an individual to buyers home to inspect the dog . Seller has the right to repossess above dog if home environment is not suitable to this individual dog, all return costs at buyers expense. If seller has notification from a veterinary that dog has been abused, seller has the right to immediately remove dog from premises.

Buyers initial ______________ Sellers initial _______________

The dog received its first set of vaccinations on ________________________________, and should

receive its second set of vaccinations on ____________________________________________, and should receive its third set of vaccinations on _____________________________________________________.

The dog should receive a set of booster shots one year after the last set of vaccinations on or around

______________________________________ and then full set of vaccinations no sooner than every 3 years. Your dog should not be given the vaccination LEPTO.

The dog has also been de-wormed with Strongid.

The dog has been fed a diet of ___________________________________________________________________. If buyer has not fed the recommended dog food or seller approved dog food, this will void the guarantee.

5. Buyer must keep CHARBAINS prefix, in dog’s registered name.

6. Dog is being sold as PET QUALITY, with limited registration. Buyer understands that this means no offspring from this dog is entitled to registration nor will dog be eligible for conformation competition. Under NO circumstances may dog be used for breeding.

a. Should the buyer later wish to compete in show, or breed, seller will evaluate dog, before mandatory spay/neuter date, and if the dog is of competitive quality, may allow buyer to pay the difference in the pet price and show price, to change registration, provided a new contract is signed. Buyer may be required to sign a show agreement with seller, at that point, before change of registration. A co-ownership contract with seller may also be required. The change of status from limited registration to full registration is at sellers option.

b. If veterinarian documentation of spay/neuter is NOT received by the date of __________________________buyer forfeits their right to the registration papers for this dog. Failure to spay/neuter within this time constraint, will allow seller to repossess dog and a fine of $2500.00 shall be payable to seller, with all legal and transportation costs paid by buyer. Please ask your vet to fax the spay or neuter paper directly to me at 306-244-1259.

Buyers initials _____________ Sellers initials __________________

7. If dog, for any reason, cannot be kept by the original buyer, dog must be returned to seller with signed registration certificate. All return expenses to be paid by the buyer, no refunds will be given. Buyer agrees not to provide dog to any person, other than seller, for extended visit, lease, purchase, as a gift, or for any other reason.

8. Buyer agrees not to reproduce dog, and should accidental breeding, cloning or any means of propagation occur, all offspring will become the exclusive property of seller. Costs incurred by seller in procuring offspring shall be paid by buyer, to include, but not limited to, transportation costs, veterinary costs, and legal fees. Losses sustained by owner of other dog involving in mating, or other person or persons involved in reproduction of said purchased dog will be paid to those owners or person by the buyer. In no way will seller remunerate owners of mate dog for stud fees, pick of litter, puppies or board. In event, of cloning, all clones, their progeny, and genetic material will become the exclusive property of seller. Buyer assumes all financial cost involved in reproduction of dog, and the procurement of all offspring, and genetic material and their return to seller. In such case, buyer will transport all such offspring to the jurisdiction of sellers province, and to the possession of seller. In the event offspring cannot be brought to the jurisdiction of sellers province, buyer will pay $2500.00 per offspring of dog to seller, and $2500.00 per clone/potential clone/embryo/unborn pup.

9. The application for purchase (filled out at a earlier time) shall become the last page of this contract. Buyer agrees to the conditions of the application in addition to the conditions of this contract. Buyer and seller have read, and fully understand, and are in agreement with all the terms and conditions of this contract, and the preceding signed application. Any other agreements or amendments to this contract will be written on the front or back or these pages, and initialed by both parties. Failure to comply with any of these clauses entitles seller to repossession of the dog, with it’s registration certificate, signed by buyer and further, punitive damages for up to $2500.00, and all legal fees, and transportation costs incurred. Court proceedings shall take place in the province of the seller, and possession of dog must be returned to the seller until dispute is settled. This is solely for the protection of the dog, and shall be enforced, particularly in the case of abuse or neglect of the dog. All fines in excess of costs paid shall be donated to the charity of seller’s choice after costs have been paid.

Buyer affirms that he/she is not purchasing dog for resale, reproduction, or laboratory tests. The dog will not be subjected to guard dog training, exhibition dog, entertainment, circuses, or the like, and will not be chained or neglected. If possible, the dog should be contained in a fenced area when outside. Buyer further affirms that he/she is not a breeder, wholesaler, and will not sell this dog, give it away, or by any means provide it to a flea market, auction, pet store, wholesaler, or commercial distributor of dogs. Violation of these affirmations will constitute a fine of $2500.00 in addition to other fines in this contract.

Above all this dog agrees to give love and affection to his/her new owners!

Signature of seller ______________________________ Date ____________________

Address: Box 30001, Saskatoon, Sk. S7K 4M6
 e-mail address: charmainemcbain@hotmail.com

Signature of buyer ______________________________ Date_____________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

Phone number & e-mail address______________________________________________

Signature of Witness____________________________ Date____________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

Phone number & e-mail address____________________________________________

  ***please print 2 copies, sign both and mail them to me. I will then sign both, keep one copy and send you back one, therefore ensuring that we both have an original.


Charbain Kennels prefers the puppy be picked up in person, but we do ship weather permitting to your nearest airport. The buyer assumes all costs, and liability related to shipping the puppy. We do purchase Insurance for the flight for loss,death from injury.
Puppies will NOT be shipped before they are at least 12wks old for the most protection possible for the puppy.
The starting price to fly to any Major Airport is $230 in Canada, $400 in the U.S, and International flights start at $600. All shipping includes a crate, CKC papers, Veterinary Health Check & Health Certificate and shots up to date and delivery to the Airport & Board and additional fees for quarintine time. PRICES are subject to change at anytime due to the economy.
A $500 NON-Refundable deposit is required. All money paid toward the purchase is NON-REFUNDABLE, Check, Postal Money Order-or Paypal electronic transfer- to hold a specific puppy until it reaches the age to ship.
IF THE PUPPY IS NOT PAID FOR 2wks before shipping THEY WILL 
EXTENDED PERIODS/ THEY NEED TO BE WITH YOU TO BOND & BE SPOILED. (Exceptions for tiny babies or International sales needing more time befor shipping) The deposit does go toward the purchase price.
Final Payment cash or moneyorder(no checks or any kind) in full is expected a week before shipping. The Breeder will copy This as a Bill of Sale/guarantee to be kept with your dogs records. If using paypal for final payment add 3% to cover their service fee.

* When it comes to shipping your chihuahua to you the seller ( Charbain Kennels) is in no way responsible for the death or injury to the dog or loss of the dog during transport to it's new home. The buyer will need to settle with the Airlines or ground transport company. We do furnish insurance during a flight
for Loss or Death due to Injury. Once you sign for the puppy at the Airport's pickup point you have released the Airline of doing any harm to the puppy.

Please Print and sign the shipping information and submit with purchase contract if applicable.