Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
"Land of Living Skies"

For families or individuals visiting Saskatoon to pick up their new puppy from me, I offer Airport Shuttle Services.

I have compiled a list of hotels, dining, and sights that may be enjoyable during your stay :)
The following Hotels are 'Dog Friendly', but as policies do change, please confirm prior to making reservations.

  Best Western Inn & Suites ~ 1715 Idywyld Dr N #306-244-5552
  Colonial Square Hotel ~ 1301 8th St E #1-800-667-3939  
  Comfort Inn ~ 2155 Northridge Dr #306-934-1122  
  Imperial 400 ~ 610 Idylwyld Dr N #306-244-2901  
  Parktown Hotel ~ 924 Spadina Cr E #306-244-5564
  Super 8 Motel ~ 706 Circle Dr #306-384-8989
  Trav-a-leer Motel ~ 3301 22nd St W #306-384-1957

  ~A list of Restaurants and Attractions coming soon~

Contrary to popular belief, Saskatchewan isn't all flat and wheat fields....
Why not enjoy your trip here, and experience a little of what Saskatchewan has to offer :) 

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